Oh my glob. Amanda just posted a bunch of photos of our Bob’s Burgers group from Dragon*Con, and I can’t handle how amazing they all are! We had so many people in our group this year, and everyone was perfect! Check out the full photo set here

Edit: Added more photos because I couldn’t help myself. 

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Yo! My name is Nikolas A. Draper-Ivey…This is cosplay as Cinematic Miles Morales: The Ultimate Spider Man. This suit was made by 
Jesse Covington( Writer and Costume Designer) and sewn by Sasha Williams ( Fashion Major graduate). Photos were taken by Pierre BL Brevard I specifically would like to thank Marvel Comics Artist Sara Pichelli for designing this character. I’m also very excited to see Olivier Coipel's work on Spider-Verse!

(Full shoot will be shot in New York itself just in time for NYCC)

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this is so good spider-man



Distressing Video Captures EXACTLY How Cops Treat Black People

I had to reblog this again because it just reduced me to tears. 

As most of you know, I am an attorney. And I am an attorney licensed in Minnesota. This is the state where I took an oath last year to uphold state and federal laws and to protect the rights of the citizens.

It PAINS me to see this. To see these unjust cops who I for all intensive purposes, have to stand along side. When they are abusing EVERY SINGLE OUNCE of POWER. Minneapolis/St. Paul have BEEN a war zone. I’m ashamed. I’m embarrassed.

Not all officers are bad. Please don’t let that be the take away. But police brutality is VERY FUCKING REAL. 

Watch this. If this doesn’t move you, if this doesn’t make you cry out in agony and want to change the world, I don’t know what will.

[trigger warning]

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Death threats drive Anita Sarkeesian from her home

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"That’s disgusting. And wrong. I don’t even get – why would – I’ve never had sex with anyone, anywhere. It’s none of your - you have - the nerve, the audacity! Jaime is my brother, technically, and he is terrible, face-wise and how - how - do I know, frankly, that you’re not sleeping with him? Maybe you are. Maybe you’re trying to throw me off? Hmm, check and mate."
- Cersei Lannister [to Ned Stark]. A Game of Thrones (via mjolnirmaleficarum)

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I can’t wait to listen to the Kid’s Bop version of Anaconda.

All I want to do is talk about the last two episodes of Korra.